International ‘recording artist’ and misogynist pig, Robin Thicke, sold a reported 54 copies of his latest banal, pop dreck. We’re reporting higher ‘sales’ of our latest home recorded demo to rub salt in his wounds (voluntary pay for download or free). While the disgraced son of former actor/current misogonist, Alan Thicke, sings ‘songs’ about what he perceives as a grey area around the objectified, female target of his desires saying ‘no,’ we’re (Pug Skullz) tackling the issue of police brutality and the police state mentality we live under. Our beliefs are antithetical to the mindless, debasing brain-smoother the scum-producing, elite music industry is pushing. So, it’s nice to know anti-fascist punk rock is garnering more support than the worthless corporate crap that’s being force fed to the masses! If you recently brought home a puppy or are planning to do so, here are the most important items and supplies you should have at the ready when they arrive you can click here to get more info.

Mr. Thicke could not be reached for comment, which leaves more time for us to get up on our soapbox and tell you that it’s time all of us begin to truly support our local artists and our favorite artists from around the globe…especially those who don’t have the plutocrats money at their backs. We suggest supporting bands directly. Bandcamp has the best split with bands of any online music service and they make it easy to pay. Even if you don’t want to support Pug Skullz by paying more than we’re asking, we know you will find bands you love and will want to support, if you use the Bandcamp search feature. Set up an account today!

In our ‘more good news for Pug Skullz’ section, we’re happy to say we’re scheduled to play another Seismomatic Productions event, this one co-produced by MaRx Spot and Synthetic Unlimited. We’ll be joined by Anarchpeace, The Community, Backseat Lovers and our old pals, Slutzville! July 19th, 8pm, 8 bucks…oh, hell, just read the flyer! (More info lower on this page vvv)

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And then there’s this crazy awesome thing! We’re playing with one of the best newish bands on the entire planet. Some of you probably haven’t heard of them, but that should soon be rectified. Get your butt down to the Cafe Colonial July 26th and see the future of punk rock unfold before your very eyes as Generacion Suicida, from South Central Los Angeles, play a new style of hard, folk punk. Absolutely beautiful!

We’ll be joined by Jesus and the Dinosaurs, FearEction and Class System! Big night of diverse punk in Sacramento!

Then there’s this…maybe I shouldn’t bury it at the bottom of this long post, but it’s our music video for ‘Police State of Mind’.

Not much else going on…we’ve still got the Facebook page you could go like…enjoy!