My understanding of the event, which occurred last night, is that Pug Skullz were the first full-volume punk band to play in-studio at KVMR. It was an experiment which had never been tried, so from the on-air sound check to the final bursts of noise in our finale, “Tame, Domestic Post,” this was a first! After listening back today to the results, I have to say it was a huge success!

A huge thank you to Olaf Jens, who not only brought us in to grace the airwaves on his show, but is single-handedly reintroducing a new generation of listeners to what I consider the greatest art movement the world has ever witnessed. The underbelly of rockn’roll has existed parallel to her corporate sister from the get-go, but that dirty girl has always been more ferocious, more artistic, more real and more beautiful.

I’m not going to sit here and bore you with my commentary anymore, here is a link to The Vinyl Avenger page, where you can download the entire show from last night, followed by some pictures taken in-studio by Kevin Click and Colin Mayo!

Oh…so thank you to everyone who helped out last night, too! It was a real blast!! oh, and you can learn about slot cheats like I did, just click on the link