Less than a week to prepare for our biggest show yet! We seem to be on-course to cram three practices in between now and 8/8, when Pug Skullz will share the Miner’s Foundry Cultural Center stage with Lightweight, Devil’s Train and Sacramento legends, The Secretions!

The ‘Summer Daze‘ concert series, brainchild of Chad Connor Crow, of ‘As the Crow Flies Presents,’ has been building toward this mighty show for three weeks. Chad’s genre-splicing tactics have been highly successful thus far, with three diverse ‘Summer Daze’ shows already gracing the annals of history.

Rumor has it that sound is under the control of punk-percussionist superhero, Greg Cameron (October Faction/SWA/Chemical People), so we’re really going to hear what it’s like in the big leagues!

The posters for these events are some of the most memorable, eye-grabbing works of art I remember seeing…all the more special because they’re hand-drawn by the great Olaf Jens, of “Vinyl Avenger‘ fame.

Here’s the artwork for our BIG show!!


Oh, and here’s a picture of me with John Doe at The Center for the Arts last week. Please take time to note how much larger my head is:

John Doe

Hope to see you at the Miner’s Foundry on Thursday!