In a stunning reversal of policy (actually it’s just the second half of an experiment I’m conducting) ALL of the propaganda, aka ‘music,’ on our Bandcamp page is FREE for the taking…in ALL currently available FORMATS…as of today!

When we initially opened the Bandcamp account I put everything up at the ‘name your price’ (FREE) setting, then was persuaded to change things up regarding pricing. Because Bandcamp, and several other sources, suggested that people value items they pay a reasonable price for more than something they get FREE, I followed their pricing structure to see what would happen. Can anyone guess what happened?

That’s right…sales dropped! People would rather pay for music (political indoctrination) they can get FREE than pay a set asking price! Stubbornness! People want the freedom to do the opposite of what’s being asked! Gotta love it! So, in the spirit of honoring rebellion, until we have vinyl records, cassettes or CD’s, our music will be FREE! Below all of this annoying text I’m going to drop in some pictures of the four singles we’ve released with a link to it’s respective Bandcamp page so you can collect ALL of them, yes…FREE! Please feel FREE with your ‘share’ button so we can get our name out to the wider punk community.

This really is something we love doing and I think we’re getting better and better at it! What we may lack in technical prowess, we more than make up for in substance…that’s right, our lyrics have meaning! Because we often shout our vocals, or just sound like muppets when singing, I’ve typed up the lyrics and added them to each track within Bandcamp! You can find them if you hover your cursor over the blank area next to the song title and click when the word ‘lyrics’ appears! I’ve heard these lyrics show up on certain cell phones when the music is played. This way our thoughts can enter your mind and make you better people!!

Oh, right! You’re probably tired of words…here are those pictures! Click a pic and a new tab will open where you can collect your FREE DOWNLOAD!! Thanks! ~ Doug

Smoke / People of the Internet

Smoke / People of the Internet


Rodeo / Tame, Domestic Post / Tame, Domestic Post Noir

When You Hurt

When You Hurt / 13th Step

Stagnant Redux

Stagnant Minds / …And You / Monsatan