Fed up with age-related weight gain? Then you may want to consider a buzzed-about “spring cleaning” technique that promises to help you permanently burn fat like a kid again.

The secret: neutralizing hidden acid. Turns out, all the junk food, stress, and toxins in today’s world leave behind acidic waste in our systems, “and by age 45, 95 percent of us have a dangerous buildup,” insists bestselling Alkaline Reset Cleanse ($13.10, Amazon) author Ross Bridgeford, a health coach whose millions of devotees report losing up to 18 pounds a week. “Growing research suggests it’s often the main factor driving weight gain, fatigue, premature aging and countless health problems. Once the buildup is gone, you let go of fat easily and feel much better. Plus, you continue to transform for months, even if your diet isn’t perfect. The results are phenomenal!”

Why Acid is so Fattening

As acid-neutralizing nutrients are rapidly depleted from your body, “research shows that you no longer produce key weight-control hormones properly,” says Bridgeford. That includes the flat-belly hormone adiponectin and the “fountain of youth” hormone HGH (which keeps energy and metabolism high). Acidity has also been shown to cause chronic inflammation in our cells — a condition linked to obesity, low energy, skin aging, fuzzy thinking, joint pain, heart disease, and a laundry list of woes often blamed on getting older. Check these biofit reviews.

Making it worse, “To get acid out of the blood and away from vital organs, the body creates new fat cells to store it in,” says Bridgeford. And those cells stay locked, the contents “unburnable” until the acid can be handled. “For most, the problem gets worse and worse over time.”

The Quick Solution

To lower acidity to optimal levels, Bridgeford says all we have to do is spend one week limiting new acid that gets into our systems (skipping coffee, sugar, processed food, wheat, and meat) while loading up on alkalinizing foods that neutralize acidity. That means getting lots of veggies, lemon, avocado, beans, nuts, seeds, healthy fats, herbs, and spices. This is how Biofit works.

Bridgeford also recommends daily servings of juice, smoothies, and purees, since studies show blending food makes nutrients easier to absorb so you get benefits faster. “As you reduce demand on your body’s acid-buffering system, it finally begins to tackle the backlog of acid waste building up for years. That’s the goal.”

Proof it works: University of Alberta scientists found reducing acidity significantly increases HGH in women over 50, which they say is key to boosting fat loss, increasing strength, sharpening memory, protecting the heart and improving overall quality of life. Meanwhile, a University of Texas study determined that folks with the least acid in their systems have BMIs 52 percent lower than those with the most.