I think we’ve proven once again…yes, we are northern California’s crappiest band! I know you love us because of that fact, not in spite of it. We aren’t perfect, we will not be perfect…we are Pug Skullz! So, I finally got around to making some new artwork, which means you get more music!! Special thanks to Elvis, The Clash, The Beatles, Chuck Berry and KISS for supplying me with parts! Grass Valley folks can start getting excited for our big show with Slutzville, The Devil’s Train and Sacramento’s wonderful Aberzombies! Yep, St, Joseph’s on May 25th!


This is our first new release since December. I’m getting better at recording, so it probably sounds worse than it should. We’ll be playing these songs in Grass Valley…I hope you’ll still come to the show. Take a listen, purchase, enjoy! If you click the buy link it’ll take you to Bandcamp, where you can actually read the lyrics. Thank you for paying attention…you’re smart! ~ Doug